Visit our winery

Visit the wine shop :

In the opening of our winery you can come to taste and buy our wines. Please contact us before coming if you wish to taste with the winemaker. Free in the opening hours of the winery.

Visit the winery :

visite de caveWe purpose visit of the winery regularly. In summer, sessions are scheduled in advance. You can contact us to know the program and to register you to a session. If you want to visit our winery in group you can make an appointment. We will organize a visit and a tasting specially for you.

On booking, 3€/person, tasting at the end (6 wines)


Visit our walk in the vineyard :

A tour in our vineyard has been done to discover our history and our job. We want to share with you our love for the vineyard and the wine. We want to introduce you our environment and the nature around us. From the insects that live in the vines to the plants that grow there, everyone has its role to play in this ecosystem.

Distance : 1.6km (45min) - Accessible to everyone - Free activity

On the trail you will find reading tables in english and some numbers on wood pickets. If you want to make a full visit come see us before you go. We will give you a brochure that will allow you to each number to learn a little more about our vineyard.

In summer we plan somes guided tour of our walk in the vineyard. Contact us to know the program and to register you. At the end of these visits we offer you a tasting of our wines.

Guided tour, on booking, 3€/person with the tasting (6 wines).

Coccinelle Avril 2016
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plan du sentier

A day in the "Domaine des Favards" :

Summer 2018 :

20180521 133319Episode 1 : Picnic at the winemaker's

Each Pentecote Monday we welcome you for a big picnic ! You have to come with your meal. Wo offer to you the wines to go with your meal.

This is a very nice day where local people and tourists meet around tables

This year we started the day by a visit of our walk in the vineyard and in the afternoon we visited the winery.


Episode 2 : Guides tour on the walk in the vineyard, in collaboration with the Naturoptère

With the help of a naturalist guide we discovered the biodiversity in the vineyard. We observed a lot of bugs et we learned their way of life.

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Episode 3 : Night visit in the vineyard, in collaboration with the Naturoptère

visite nocturneWe visited the vineyard with a naturalist guide. We started the activity by a little walk to listen the noises of the night. Some bugs and birds are very active in the night ! With the help of the guide we trapped some insects ands we went to the winery to observe it with a binocular loup, like at school !

It was a nice night, with an original atmosphere. We finished the activity with a tasting of our wines.


Episode 4 : Journée découverte des vendanges

Durant la matinée vous vous êtes essayés à la cueillette du raisin... Vous avez tenu le choc! Bravo à tous! Après avoir rentré les raisins à la cave nous avons partagé un repas bien mérité. Vous êtes tous repartis avec une bouteille de votre jus des raisins cueillis le matin. Une magnifique journée! Merci à tous!

20180913 120040

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